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If it is the same as above, please write SAA
If it is the same as above please write SAA
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Please make sure you book enough time to set up the room (including technology) and clean up the room.
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Date required
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What is your start time?
We include 15 additional minutes at the start of your booking free of charge to allow for set up. If you think you will require more time than that, please let us know. **add'l costs will apply.
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What is your end time?
This includes any additional take down
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We require all PC devices to have an HDMI port. Please contact us for more information.
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Do you require complimentary gourmet coffee and tea? *
One of the best things about hosting your meeting in our space is the complimentary coffee and tea, sourced from a local roaster - Cafe Rosso. As we say, it is included in your room rental, but we'd like to know what you require so we can set up the room accordingly!
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We encourage you to come in and check out our rooms to ensure they'll work for your booking. If you choose to skip the tour, all efforts will be made to accommodate a room switch in the event the room wasn't what you expected, however we cannot guarantee availability of our other spaces and additional costs may occur.
Thanks you! We look forward to hosting you at The Commons