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Who are we?

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The Commons

At a glance


Levels of Partnerships 




Partners  provide a  MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL  relationship to The Commons. We give to them, they give to us (trades, contra, mutual discounts, etc)


Vendors  provide SERVICES  to our cowork, meeting  or event clients. We utilize their services or sell their products (they provide goods and services to The Commons or our members)

Preferred Vendor

Vendors  provide SERVICES at a DISCOUNT  to our cowork, meeting or event  clients. We utilize their services or sell their products (they provide goods and services to The Commons or our members at a discount)

Community Partner

Local non profits, or organizations that help spread engagement and education. We recognize shared values and/or brand alignment and want to support the organization and integrate our communities.



the partnership levels At a glance

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 Interested in becoming a vendor, preferred vendor or community partner? Get in touch!

Send us an email to community@thecommonscalgary.com and let’s connect



Become an extended member of our family!

You align with our core values as a co-work, meeting and event space. You have content to share with the creative professionals that work, meet and play here all year long - and you can offer unique perks to some of YYC's most innovative minds.


What’s included?

  1. Commons Currency

    Commons currency is used as contra and can be used in exchange for services at The Commons, including meeting space or membership.

  2. Email & Slack (Share events)

    You will have the resources to connect & collaborate with members at The Commons and will be included in our communication efforts.

  3. Featured on our website

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  4. social media interactions

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  5. collaborate at community events

    [insert subtext here]

  6. complimentary Gallery membership

    [insert subtext here]

  7. collateral at the commons

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  8. tickets to member only events

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  9. Access to chamber & keyser benefits

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  10. quarterly dinners & report cards

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 Next Steps

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 Ready to join The Commons Partnership Guild?

Send us an email to community@thecommonscalgary and let’s connect!